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Protected by New Canaan Alarm Co,
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5 Most Common Causes of False Alarm Activation

1). Educate Workmen, Babysitters, Housekeepers, Cleaning People, etc.

Solution: Program a temporary disarm code for these people and show them how to operate your alarm. Also, give them a temporary codeword, just in case they accidentally set-off the alarm. Please feel free to contact us to help you add extra codes for other users.

2). False alarms from unlocked windows and doors.

Solution: Be sure to latch all windows and doors when you are ready to arm your alarm, particularly on windy days!

3). Fire Alarm Activation from workers in the house.

Solution: BEFORE you paint, sand, or do any construction work in your house, SMOKE DETECTORS must be covered. You can do this with a plastic baggie and a rubberband or with the covers we provided at the time of installation-AND DON'T FORGET TO CALL US TO PUT ALARM ON TEST!

4). Fire Alarm Activation from steam.

Solution: If you have a smoke detector outside of a bathroom, be sure to keep the door closed while showering to prevent steam from activating the alarm. TO DISARM FIRE ALARM: Enter your code and wait for Central Station to call. Check which device has a solid red light so we will know which detector to replace.

5). Motion Detector Activation.

Solution: Be sure to secure moving items. Drafts from heaters & air conditioning systems move plants, curtains, balloons, etc. Also, if you have pets, please secure them & feel free to inquire about our pet avoidance type motion sensors!

Hint of the Month

Test your system once a month to ensure that we are receiving transmissions. This is particularly important after lightening/thunderstorms and after you have had work on your phone lines.

Notification Lists

When we placed you on-line for the first time, we asked you for a list of names and numbers to call in case the alarm was activated. It is extremely important to keep this list up to date.

Things you can do to fool a burglar

  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Set timers on interior lights in various parts of the house
  • Set timers on exterior lights
  • Contact post office to have mail held
  • Contact newspaper delivery service to hold papers
  • Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on the house
  • Call New Canaan Alarm Company with vacation dates and forwarding number
  • Leave a key with New Canaan Alarm Company (free keyholder service)
  • Be sure you have a visible "DUDLEY" sign at the foot of your driveway. (This is also for local authorities, i.e. Police/Fire Depts. to notify New Canaan Alarm in case of emergency).
  • Turn alarm on!

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